What is promotion

What is promotion

What is promotion?

 Promotion is encouraging people.

 Promotion means, introduce and market your firm to potential customers which is the most effective marketing way for centuries. Nowadays, we can represent to customer many products as promotional. However, in last days promotional products became indispensable to the growing advertisement industry. The materials we use even if doesn’t appear as striking, they make the biggest advertisement in our daily lives. Introducing a property to the large amount of society and ensuring the sale of a product is called promotion.


Most well-known promotional products are;

 Watches, calenders, notebooks, presentation files, bags, documents, folders, pens, key chains, folder bags, wall clocks, wooden desk set, porcelain cup, thermos cups, notepads, plaques, flags, pennants, crystal plaque, digital products, ball, chalk, blackboard eraser, marker pen, mouse pad, air freshener, wet handkerchief, a box of tissues, pencil, paper, T-shirts, hats, banners, calendars, wall clocks, table clocks, pens, pen sets, ...

In accordance with the in American marketing union, personal sale and marketing stays outside of promotion, promotional products have many variations in each industry category.

 Promotion is offering or rendering something special for people. At this point, promotion enters intertwined, each other. So, selling managers can propagate many ways of promoting to grow their sales for example, giving a necklace to customers who buy an amount of detergent.

Aims of promotion

 We can talk about the many purposes of promotion. It is usually related with the product that address to main category. According to this general aim of promotion are; Supporting the sales force Ensuring the support and acceptance of the product's marketing intermediaries. To increase the sales of a product.

So we can see that, the general aim of the promotion is the target of increasing the sale of a product.

It never means that promotion doesn’t purpose communication. However, it must be admitted that, It is aiming to increase sales for more promotional features. More precisely, Promotion aims to increase sales and accelerate the movement products from the producer to the customer. In a word, different viewpoints, at printing and promotion is;