What is frisbee, how to play

Frisbee is one of the most enjoyable promotional items of outdoor activities held in summer. Especially in many outdoor activities such as company picnics, association picnics, festivals, concerts, people expect activities where they can have a pleasant time. Frisbee is an indispensable part of these enjoyable activities.

When promotional products provide functionality for people, they result in much better returns. In addition, people psychologically connect with concrete and abstract objects that are with them when they enjoy moments. In other words, if people see your brand with them in their activities where they have a pleasant time, they will feel a close relationship with your brand. If your activities are for your employees, this will strengthen your relationships with your employees, and if they are for customers, with your customers. Let's also say that the promotional frisbee can help you start off well with your potential customers.


Frisbee tournaments, which are widely organized in western countries at professional level, are held in areas with certain rules and boundaries. Frisbee game varieties include accuracy, disc golf, discathon, distance, double disc court, freestyle, special events, guts, and ultimate. Freestyle, Ultimate, Frisbee golf, and Guts are among the most well-known styles.

Freestyle: 160 gr. It is played with the weighing disc. It is the style in which the most creative movements are made. Freestyle competitions are held with a player accompanied by music, as well as in a team. In the single player game, the athlete tries to impress the jury (audience) with aesthetic movements.

The factors that determine the winning team in team games consisting of two or three people and sequential shots; difficulty, maneuverability and agility.

Ultimate: Ultimate is a fast and mobile team frisbee. Since the 1980s, tournaments have been organized together with other frisbee sports. Ultimate demands higher energy and speed than other styles, giving viewers exciting moments. 175 gr. Teams consist of seven players in the ultimate game made with the weighing disc. Organized within the framework of various rules taken from basketball, football and rugby games, ultimate is held in a total area of ​​100 meters.

The rectangular shaped playground is 64 meters long and 37 meters wide. There are also 18-meter long scorecards at both ends. The game, which aims to transfer the disc from player to player and move it to the opponent's score zone, is played in two periods of 24 minutes each. The team of the player who catches the disc correctly wins the disc. The disc cannot be carried by walking, running or stepping, it must be transferred by rusting from the air. If the player goes out of the field while catching the disc or drops it from his hand, or falls untouched, it is the opposing team's turn to play the disc. To score points, the team that passes the disc from player to player by air must reach the opponent's score zone.

Frisbee Disc Golf: Frisbee golf is played with a frisbee disc instead of a golf ball. It is tried to reach the end pole from the starting point by shooting through trees, bushes and over water. The end post can be a tree or similar natural target. In the competitions, there should be a 1.5 m high elbow hanging a metal basket with a chain on the top. When the frisbee is thrown with the stick, the competitor can be stretched. However, as the disc leaves the hand, it is imperative that one foot presses the spot where the disc fell in the previous shot. The disc that goes out of the competition area, is stuck or placed at a place higher than two meters, can be re-inserted into the playing area with a penalty throw. In the evaluation, 1 point is given for each throw of the disc and each penalty shot.

Guts: This style is the most difficult and troublesome among other frisbee varieties. The two players stand 14 meters apart from each other. The player holding the disc throws the frisbee at his opponent with all his might, such hard shots are called devastating strokes. If the opponent fails to catch the frisbee, the player earns points. Otherwise, he will have to hold the frisbee to be thrown by the opponent player with both hands.