Cardboard bag products with creative designs

Cardboard bags, a remarkable promotional tool, are always very important for businesses. You can use cardboard bags for marketing to create a more prestigious and professional impact on your customers, to contribute to your long-term advertising campaigns, and to make your brand more prominent. These products, which stand out as a marketing tool along with the needs, enable people to consciously advertise.

Cardboard Bag Designs

You can make remarkable promotions with cardboard bag designs that contain jokes and messages. You can use different designs for your brand because people keep the content that they like visually like and pay more attention to.
1. The design of this cardboard bag that uses a sporty woman successfully is remarkable. The cardboard bag, which is a very catchy design for a store that sells sports goods, has a design that will succeed in people's mind.

2. Don't you want to carry your TV with you? This cardboard bag is one of the designs that people will want to look back on, but instead of giving people a message, it is made to keep the brand in mind.

3. The design of the cardboard bag joined by the cables of small household appliances is quite remarkable. These bags, which are prepared as an advertisement of an electronics store, serve the purpose successfully and make the brand permanent in the mind of the people.

4. Combining shoe laces and cardboard bag handles, this design is a very successful choice for advertising a shoe store. You can use this kind of visual games when you want to use multi-purpose cardboard bag designs.

5. A very interesting design for a company selling stationery products, this cardboard bag attracts people's attention while at the same time increasing the brand's awareness. With cardboard bags that have designs that connect with the product, you get the chance to present your brand correctly.

Offset Printing For Cardboard Bags

Offset printing is one of the most used printing techniques today. When a large number of prints are made, this printing technique, which is preferred especially in terms of costs, is obtained with quality results. It is possible to mention the reasons such as quality, speed and cost.

Cardboard Bag Sizes and Printing Applications

Ambience Provides solutions of different sizes and shapes for promotional cardboard bag printing. The dimensions of the bags used in cardboard bag prints can be made in sizes 16x24x7 cm, 25x36x7 cm, 34x51x14 cm or according to your projects. These sizes provide solutions for different needs. Bags used in this printing 250 gr. It's American bistrole paper. Different techniques can be used to make the print look different and the design stands out. Cellophane and lacquer applications help to increase the quality of the images to be printed on cardboard bags.

Cellophane, 135 g. and a coating method applied on papers having a weight above and above. This method ensures that printing products are much better quality and durable. Since the long-term use of the products is also important in terms of advertising costs, it would be a good choice to choose glossy or matte cellophane application according to the design.

Lacquer application is made to make the images used in printing more attractive. This technique, which is applied to cardboard bags in two ways as partial and embossed lacquers, makes the design or logo look more elegant. Partial lacquer application is done by applying glossy cellophane to the designated area. Embossed lacquer is applied by applying two layers of glossy cellophane to the specified area. These two applications are preferred in sections where it is desired to be remarkable in design. In particular, it should be used because of the relief lacquer design that makes it clear and gives texture.